Periodic Edibles is "The Cannabis Caramel Company" available  in Oregon.

We focus solely on producing Artisan Cannabis Caramels infused with strain specific canna-butter and canna-coconut oil that we produce in-house. These infusion methods ensure all the Cannabinoids and most Terpenes are captured in our Caramels for increased effectiveness.

We upload a weekly podcast focused on the Business & Science of Cannabis. Called the Periodic Effects: Cannabis Business Podcast

A medical cannabis patient talks about using CBD edibles to improve quality of life.

Where you can find Periodic Edibles Cannabis Caramels.

A day in the life of a Periodic Sativa Caramel.

We are currently running experiments on a NEW Vegan Caramel formula. So far the new formula looks promising, a few more experiment batches to run, and we should have this NEW Vegan Caramel on Oregon shelves by early 2018.

We put together an eBook documenting the past two and a half years of launching Periodic Edibles and getting into 100+ retail locations. The eBook will share the Pe Team's story while reflecting on challenges and successes faced. The goal with the eBook is to support small business owners that are considering entering the cannabis industry and current business owners that want to grow their business.

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