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If you’re an action sports adrenaline seeker like me, then you’ll understand that cannabis can be effective for not only elevating the experience, but also for recovering and recharging afterward. When I discuss our effects-focused caramels with you, I understand that it’s more than just a “high” – it’s about the complete experience. That’s why I love working for Periodic edibles, where from the top down, our caramels and formulas are approached from the perspective of optimizing every part of the journey.

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As a creative-minded individual with a passion for conscious living, I understand the desire for an intelligently designed and honest cannabis product. That's why I focus on implementing creative innovations that improve our kitchen and packaging processes without compromising the quality and simplicity of our hand crafted caramels. I want everyone to feel good about purchasing and consuming our products.

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If you’re an introvert like me, you understand the importance of managing your anxiety. I’ve found that cannabis helps me to open up and connect with others when dosed correctly. That’s why I focus on crafting consistently dosed butter and carefully packaging our caramels. It’s important to me that you always have an enjoyable and repeatable cannabis experience.

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As a meditator, I utilize cannabis to activate a sense of presence within my life. The effects of cannabis help me with a variety of tasks; whether it’s teaching a yoga class or lovingly playing with my newborn child Artemis. I ensure that every caramel we produce is mindfully packaged so that your edible experience is perfect from start to finish.

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I enjoy learning about everything cannabis has to offer. From growing, to processing, to consumption methods and everything in between. I like to experiment with different products to find what works best for me depending on what effect I'm hoping to achieve. I truly believe in the quality and consistency of effects that our caramels deliver - that's why I work hard to make them available to as many Oregonians as possible.

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I enjoy baking and sometimes turn those baked goods into edibles at home. Making your own edibles can be intimidating because you want to have a predictable experience. Our caramels are the perfect way to dose at-home baked goods - you can easily create 10 cookies with 5mg of THC each, or go with a stronger dose depending on your tolerance. I take pride in ensuring the reliability of dosing and effects that you experience from our edibles by managing the precise scientific processes and procedures that we use in our kitchen every day.

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As a lifelong Houston Astros baseball fan, I understand that life is full of highs and lows - from 100+ loss seasons to a World Series win. I’ve personally found cannabis to be the best way to enhance those highs and push through those lows. That’s why I focus on helping you accurately predict the cannabis effects you’ll get from our caramels, so that you can confidently maximize every part of your journey - whether it’s climbing mountains, or conquering your daily errands.

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As a mother of three teens and a toddler, a wife, a pirate cosplayer, and a photographer who also suffers from anxiety, constant exhaustion, and insomnia, I know the importance of finding healthy and sustainable ways to keep up with my kids and life. This is why I have found such a passion for our caramels. Whether I'm grabbing an Active caramel to keep me going during an 8 hour high school dance competition, or our Recover CBD to keep me calm and headache-free after an exhausting week, I appreciate that I am part of a company that cultivates happiness in my own life, as well as that of our customers. I want to help other parents find ways to incorporate cannabis into their life and fight the unjust societal stigma that comes with it.

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Why “Periodic edibles”?

Our founder’s background (bio below) was heavily focused on Science & Chemistry. With that background, Wayne decided to base the company, products, and brand around “The Science of Cannabis”. The more Wayne learned about caramels, the more he discovered it takes a high level of focus on chemistry to make great caramels, especially when scaling to larger batches while keeping an artisanal caramel recipe. Who would have thought Wayne would eventually use his college degree to make cannabis products - we’re sure the college counselor didn’t :)

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Wayne Schwind


I’m in love with nature and people, and fascinated by human nature. I’m amazed everyday at how community and culture can affect, influence and evolve an individual. I believe the power of teamwork can challenge us to grow and evolve in ways that we cannot on our own.

I know this from my personal journey - the experience of building this company and team has required me to evolve into a better human being, and I’m still growing! The products we make further enhance our own quality of life, and we want to share that experience with you!

I built this company around a product I love to create freedom. You could call it physical, mental, spiritual or financial freedom. The mission is to create an environment where we all have the opportunity to thrive.

The freedom to thrive takes hard work and doesn’t come easy, but the opportunity to try is what we care about.

The products we make and experiences we share are the oxygen to that freedom.

This is Hard to Say to you as a Customer, but here is my business philosophy…

People say “Put the Customer First”, but I disagree with that…

My philosophy is “Put our Team Members First”…

I believe doing so will create the best possible product and experience for the customer - A Team that is challenged to grow and proud of their work will deliver great products!

We’re a team of individuals making a product we ultimately want for ourselves…
We wouldn’t sacrifice our own experience, so if you’re anything like us, you can expect our best!

I’m blessed to find myself with this company and team, operating in the cannabis industry, with all the other amazing pioneers, breaking new ground.

If you’ve purchased our cannabis caramels, we greatly appreciate your business and support!

Thank you,
Wayne Schwind


If you have any cannabis questions or feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


If you’re interested in my ‘formal’ background, you can find my ‘technical’ bio on our podcast page: