An Introspective Journey: Cannabis and Art Appreciation

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“When you smoke the Herb, it reveals you to yourself” - Bob Marley

Author: Samantha M., Pe Marketing Lead

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by the process and end products, both physical and emotional, of creating art. My personal artistic flairs are primarily in drawing and painting, but I have a deep appreciation for the crafts of sculpting, metalwork, jewelry making, pottery, photography - basically any medium that artists use to channel their inner creativity into beautiful, thought-provoking statement pieces. Early on in my cannabis experimentations, I found a synergism between using cannabis and creating art that opened up new inspiration and motivation to me as a creative being. I now regularly use cannabis to better tap in to my artistic creativity and focus myself on the intricate details of the creative process.

As much as I love using cannabis while in the process of creating art, I have also found great benefits to using cannabis before viewing art in a museum or gallery setting as well. The dreamy euphoria of a cannabis high is the perfect complement to a slow, deliberate exploration of art exhibits both visual and interactive. I’d like to share my experiences exploring one of the cultural jewels of the Rose City, the Portland Art Museum, with Cannabis as my tour guide.

How Cannabis Enhances Art Appreciation

As I’ve already mentioned, the euphoria associated with a cannabis high can lend itself nicely to an enjoyable museum experience due to the mood elevation and shift in cognition towards positivity you experience. In addition, when using a sedative effect-leaning cannabis strain or cannabis product, such as our Relax cannabis caramel (available in retailers across Oregon), the relaxation you experience will help you to take your time during your tour. Terpenes like Myrcene and Linalool promote these types of relaxing effects, so look for cannabis products with these terpenes for use during laid-back activities. The leisurely pace of your exploration gives you time to appreciate every individual work of art, when you might have previously been focused on how much time you’re spending at the museum and trying to rush through exhibits to see everything as quickly as possible.

Another way that cannabis products can help you appreciate art in more depth is through an increase in a phenomenon known as Hyper Priming. Hyper Priming is the mechanism through which your brain finds connections and associations between two things that may seem unrelated at surface level. Scientific study has shown that cannabis users are more proficient and faster at creating hyper-primed associations, and as such are more likely to “connect the dots” on abstract concepts. Many creatives and academics have credited cannabis with helping them to make discoveries that they likely would not have made otherwise, showing the power of cannabis-aided Hyper Priming in action. This phenomenon can be applied to art appreciation by helping you to find potential meaning in pieces that seem abstract or strange at first glance - leading you to a deeper, more meaningful art viewing experience.

Cannabis products can also help us to be more introspective, bringing us closer to the connection art makes with our own identity and personality at an individual level. Cannabis educator and consultant Emma Chasen described this effect beautifully on episode 092 of the Periodic effects Podcast when she said that cannabis can either have a “zooming out” or “zooming in” effect based on its active compound spectrum - either helping us to focus in on granular-level details and our own internal monologues, or giving us a more high-level view of the world in general and our place within in. Both of these effects can be helpful for enhancing the art appreciation experience, either by helping us to personally connect with the art and artist’s message, or considering how this art impacts the world and society at large.

The Best Cannabis Product Types for Laid-back Social Usage

The only drawback to using cannabis in museum settings is that re-dosing during your explorations is very difficult - you cannot smoke or vaporize inside, and bringing outside food or drinks into the museum is also forbidden, which would eliminate the potential for re-dosing with edibles or tinctures.

However, using oral cannabis consumption methods is the best option for sustained activities in which you cannot re-dose, as the effects onset is delayed, the length of effects is much longer than inhalation, and the strength of the effects is increased. This means you may not need to re-dose at all during your hours of museum enjoyment!

It’s also important to consider your most appropriate dose for the activity you’re pursuing - the dose you enjoy for a movie marathon will most likely not be appropriate for a somewhat-active situation with social interactions. If you’re not sure what your ideal dose is for relaxed social settings, begin low and slowly work on experimenting upward until you find the right dose for the level of effects you desire.


*DISCLAIMER: These opinion pieces are personal experiences of the individual authors, and are not medical recommendations, medical claims, or usage recommendations from the company. Our products are not approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Periodic edibles supports responsible cannabis use in accordance with all local laws.

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