Spring Cleaning: Powered by Cannabis

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Author: Samantha M., Pe Marketing Lead

Springtime is here, and you may find yourself staring down your annual Spring Cleaning duties with a sense of dread. Unless you’re Mary Poppins, cleaning is usually not a fun activity in and of itself, and finding the motivation to do a deep clean can be near impossible on a gloomy April day. Here’s a secret weapon you may not have considered adding to your cleaning arsenal - cannabis! Using cannabis during a Spring Cleaning can make the experience more enjoyable for obvious reasons, but it can also help you get in the proper mindset to accomplish more while you clean. Here’s my experience successfully using cannabis to power through routine cleaning chores :)

How Cannabis Can Help Unlock Your Inner Cleaning Machine

I often find that the hardest part of cleaning the house is just getting started - once you get into the swing of cleaning, it becomes more rewarding as each sub-task is accomplished and the house looks and smells nicer as a result. The most obvious benefit of using cannabis before any tedious activity is the burst of euphoria and mood elevation many cannabis products provide, which can help you to overcome the initial resistance to beginning the work of cleaning. When used correctly, the right dose of an appropriate cannabis product can help you feel uplifted and motivated to tackle the tasks that previously seemed daunting or uninteresting. Dosing to flow state, usually a 5-10mg dose of THC for experienced edible consumers, can help you move through your cleaning schedule smoothly and without dreading every cleaning task to come.

If you’ve experimented and understand which cannabis products and active compounds help you personally to feel focused and uplifted, then using that form of cannabis before cleaning should help you to hone in on each cleaning task individually to completion. Speaking for myself, I am prone to getting distracted during a deep clean - you start diving into those less-explored corners of your house, finding things you haven’t seen in a while, and before you know it you’re sitting in your closet wearing a silly hat and Mardi Gras beads, flipping through a high school photo album when you were supposed to be re-organizing your wardrobe. This is where using a focusing cannabis product, partnered with creating a task list that names off every cleaning activity you want to accomplish that day and checking them off as you go, can help you stay focused on getting the job done quickly and completely.

What to Consider When Using Cannabis While Cleaning

Using cannabis for specific effects always requires some preparation and experimentation on the part of the consumer - you need to understand how different consumption methods and active cannabis compound profiles affect you personally in order to determine the best cannabis product for use at that time.

Look for THC:CBD ratios that you know will help you to feel pleasant cannabis effects without levels of psychoactivity that would be counter-productive or disruptive to accomplishing tasks. Seek out cannabis products containing dominant levels of the specific terpenes that you’ve noticed provide you with uplifting, energizing effects, and be sure to avoid those that make you feel sedated or overly relaxed - you don’t want to get couch-lock when you need to vacuum!

If you’re not sure about your terpene preferences and how different terpenes might affect you personally, begin your experimentations with terpenes like Limonene or Pinene, which are reported by most cannabis users to produce the type of uplifting effects that are useful for sustained cleaning. You can also try Terpinolene - fans of this terpene report a sense of clarity and focus that lends itself perfectly to these types of activities. However, it’s important to note that some users report an increase in anxiety and racing thoughts with high Terpinolene levels, so be sure to take careful note of how you feel after consuming cannabis with this terpene. A good way to approach experimentation with Terpinolene, or any new terpene, is using a cannabis product that balances the Terpinolene concentration with other beneficial terpenes - for instance, our Balance 50mg THC cannabis caramel contains Limonene and Terpinolene terpenes. Limonene provides anti-anxiety benefits and underscores the focusing effects of Terpinolene to deliver an even-handed experience that can be used day or night. Terpenes like Myrcene and Linalool are commonly noted for their sedative and calming effects, which are perfect for getting to sleep at night but not so ideal when you want to stay motivated, so avoiding cannabis products with those dominant terpenes may benefit your cleaning endeavors.

A final consideration when using cannabis for cleaning, and one of the most important considerations any time you consume cannabis, is how much and how often to dose THC. A THC “overdose” when you’re trying to accomplish a task would be disastrous, so be sure that you know your best dose for the level of activity you want to achieve, and do not exceed it. If you’re not sure about your preferred dose of a cannabis product, always start low and slow - if you’re using an edible, try a 5mg dose and wait at least 2 hours to monitor the effects before adjusting your dose accordingly. If you enjoy a 40mg THC dose during a movie marathon, something in the 15-20mg range may be more appropriate for knocking out your Spring Cleaning - dosage is a deeply personal preference that varies from person to person and situation to situation, so the best thing to do is to carefully experiment until you find what works well for you!

*DISCLAIMER: These opinion pieces are personal experiences of the individual authors, and are not medical recommendations, medical claims, or usage recommendations from the company. Our products are not approved by the FDA to treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Periodic edibles supports responsible cannabis use in accordance with all local laws.

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