Recipe: Canna-Caramel Corn

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Caramel corn is a much-beloved snack that’s super easy to make at home. Using our cannabis caramels to make your caramel coating sauce is a great way to transform this classic treat into an edible in no time.

Popcorn makes a versatile edible base that you can easily mold to your preferred cannabis experience with our different caramel formulas - if you’re looking for an edible to enjoy during a movie, use our Relax caramel and serve in a large bowl for a laid-back snacking option. If you’re looking for an edible hiking companion, use our Active caramel and add in peanuts, sunflower seeds, yogurt or chocolate chips, or any other goodies you’d like to make a custom medicated trail mix with the perfect terpene blend to power your hike.

The recipe as described below will yield 2.5 cups of caramel corn with a total THC dose of approximately 100mg, so this is a perfect recipe for sharing with friends, or bringing to a cannabis-friendly dinner party or event. Just be sure to consume with caution - divide out the complete caramel corn batch into 5-10 even portions before snacking to keep your doses manageable and avoid overconsumption incidents.


2.5 Cups Popcorn, un-buttered and lightly salted
2 Periodic edibles Cannabis Caramels of your choice
1/2 tsp water
1/2 tsp butter


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 275 degrees F *It is very important to ensure that your oven maintains accurate temperature to avoid boiling off the active compounds and terpenes in the caramel. Some ovens can vary by as much as 25 degrees from the chosen setting, so use a temperature probe to verify your oven temperature after pre-heating, and adjust the heat as needed to hold at 275 degrees before baking.

  2. Over a double-boiler, heat the two cannabis caramels until just melted before adding the butter and water. Gently stir with a small whisk or fork until fully incorporated and smooth.


3. Thoroughly spray a mixing bowl with cooking spray to prevent caramel from sticking to the walls
during the coating process. Add the popcorn to the coated bowl and pour the caramel sauce evenly
over the popcorn. Use a spatula (also lightly coated in cooking spray) to stir the popcorn and
distribute the caramel sauce as evenly as possible.

4. Line a baking sheet with foil and spray it with cooking spray. Turn the caramel corn batch out onto the
foil and press it out into a single layer for baking.

5. Cook the caramel corn in the preheated oven for 18 minutes total, gently stirring once midway
through cooking. Allow the caramel corn to cool completely before breaking into chunks and serving.

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You’re ready to enjoy your infused caramel corn at home or on the go! We hope you love this recipe, and feel free to send us any feedback or tag us in your social media pictures (@periodicedibles) if you try this one yourself!

Store any leftovers in an air-tight container clearly marked with *CONTAINS THC* to avoid any accidental consumption accidents. Consume leftovers within 2-3 days for maximum freshness.

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