Recipe: Chocolate Canna-Caramel Pretzel Bars


If you want to try your hand at homemade edibles, but you don’t want to get into anything too complicated, this is definitely the recipe for you! It doesn’t get much easier than these 3-ingredient, no-bake Chocolate Canna-Caramel Pretzel Bars. We created the caramel layer by melting down store-bought caramel candies from the bulk foods aisle and mixing in our Balance 50mg THC cannabis caramels (available at retailers across Oregon), to add Dogwalker strain-specific full spectrum cannabis compounds and Limonene and Terpinolene terpenes - for a nicely balanced high experience that’s suitable for use any time of the day!

To make this recipe as quick and easy as possible, we did not temper our chocolate, so be aware that if you follow this recipe to the letter, your chocolate will melt to the touch, it will lack the shiny finish and hard snap that tempering provides, and long-term storage will likely lead to fat or sugar bloom. If you’re going for maximum presentation wow-factor or making the recipe a day or more ahead of an event, follow the procedure outlined in our Chocolate-Covered Caramel Candy recipe to temper your chocolate prior to spreading the base layer. But if you’re ok with trading off a rustic look and some messy fingers to enjoy your edibles faster, then feel free to proceed as directed :)

This recipe will make about 20-25 bars (depending on your preferred cut size) with approximately 6.0-7.5mg of THC each. These snacks can be somewhat hard to accurately dose, so avoid large pieces if you’re new to (or very sensitive to) cannabis edibles. Start with a 1” square piece and wait at least 2 hours to monitor the strength of effects if you’re concerned about individual dose strength. When in doubt, as with all edibles, start low and go slow on consuming to avoid accidental overconsumption.

Chocolate Spread.JPG


1 package (12 oz.) chocolate chips of your choice - we suggest semi-sweet or dark
1/2 bag (approx. 8 oz.) salted mini pretzel twists
11 oz. caramel candies, unwrapped
3-4 Periodic edibles Cannabis Caramels - we used 3 Balance 50mg THC cannabis caramels for 150mg THC total
Sea salt for garnish, if desired

Caramel Ooze.JPEG


  1. Line a standard baking sheet with parchment paper. Melt the chocolate chips in a heat-resistant bowl over boiling water or in the microwave. Pour most of the chocolate, reserving about 1/4 cup or so, onto the parchment paper and quickly spread out thinly and evenly with a spatula.

  2. Working quickly (especially if your chocolate is tempered, as it will set much more quickly), lay pretzels all across the surface and press down to embed them in the chocolate layer. Some overlapping is fine, and you can crush up a handful of pretzels into small pieces and sprinkle into any gaps between the full pretzels. Allow to set while you prepare the caramel layer.

  3. Place all Periodic edibles cannabis caramels and a few non-infused caramel candies into a large glass bowl and heat over a double-boiler until liquid. Stir constantly to incorporate cannabis and non-cannabis caramels, and gradually add more non-infused caramels until all of the caramel is melted and thinned.

  4. Working quickly, pour the caramel in even ribbons over the pretzels and spread slightly - the caramel will naturally begin to pull to the edges as it sets, so there is no need to spread all the way to the end of the chocolate layer during the pouring step. Allow to set for 10-15 minutes.

  5. If necessary, return the reserved chocolate to the double-boiler and stir to get a thin enough consistency to decorate the caramel layer. Once the chocolate is melted, dip a fork into the chocolate and gently flick it back and forth over top of the bars to produce a striped, paint-splatter pattern. Continue until the surface is covered and all the chocolate is used. If desired, garnish lightly with sea salt at this stage - remember that the pretzels are pre-salted, so less is more on the garnish.

  6. Allow chocolate to solidify completely in the fridge for 2 hours up to overnight. Using a sharp knife, cut the bars into uniform squares for serving - cutting is easiest if the bars are left at room temperature for about 10 minutes to let the caramel soften up. For best results, serve and consume immediately.

And you’re done! We hope you love this recipe, and feel free to send us any feedback or tag us in your social media pictures (@periodicedibles) if you try this one yourself!

Enjoy your edibles responsibly, and be sure to store any leftovers in an airtight container clearly marked with *CONTAINS THC* to avoid accidental consumption incidents.

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