What are cannabinoids and terpenes?

Cannabinoids and terpenes are the main compounds that we're interested in, inside of cannabis. They're the two groups of molecules or compounds that are responsible for the different high, the different experience, the different effects that you get when consuming cannabis. There's different cannabinoids and there's different terpenes, and it's those unique profiles that make up the different strains that are produced by different genetics of different cannabis plants.

So let's start with cannabinoids, the two main cannabinoids that most people are familiar with are THC and CBD. So THC being the cannabinoid that is psychoactive, is responsible for the high you get when consuming cannabis. CBD doesn't produce that high experience and used for much more therapeutic use, inflammation, things like that. That's why you see a lot of CBD products being sold online crossing state lines, but there's the THC and the CBD that are the two main cannabinoids, and then under that there's multiple other minor cannabinoids that are in cannabis that we're just starting to learn a lot about. There's ones like CBG, THCV, CBN, and a whole list of others that we're just starting to find out about and do studies on, and some of those probably will gain in popularity similar to how CBD did as we learn more about them and certain strains are grown to have those minor cannabinoids in higher levels inside of those strains.

And then the secondary compounds, the terpene profile in that cannabis strain is largely responsible for kind of steering the nuanced effects of the cannabis experience that you might have. Terpenes are highly aromatic, that they give off the smell when you smell cannabis, that's all coming from the terpenes. That's why two strains might smell complete differently. They have different terpene profiles, and terpenes are found all over nature, there's over three or 400 different kinds in all fruits and vegetables. They're used essential oils because they are so aromatic. So a couple of therapies that are more common in cannabis and seem to be more dominant in certain strains are terpenes like Limonene and Pinene, those seem to have uplifting or stimulating effects for, for most people. There's Linalool and Myrcene, those seem to have more sedating or relaxing effects. Caryophyllene is another terpene that's commonly found in cannabis. And that's just five different terpenes I've listed, there's about, seems like 10 to 20 or so that seem to be more dominant in most cannabis strains, but there are a lot of different terpenes, I think over 100 have been discovered in cannabis plants.

And so it's really those two profiles your cannabinoids and your terpenes that are in the product that are responsible for the effects that it produces. The ideal situation is to figure out which cannabinoids and which terpenes produce the effects and the experience you're looking for. So if you try a product and this goes for if you're smoking it, using it as a vape pen, an edible, even a tincture, if you find something you like that really works well, if you can find what terpene profile was in that product, as well as how much THC, how much CBD, maybe even other minor cannabinoids, then you can start to look for other products that have those same terpenes or those same cannabinoids and those will be different if you're sleeping, looking for something to sleep through the night versus something during the daytime to go for a hike. You may want a different terpene profile or different cannabinoids, depending on what you're trying to do.

Budtenders will have some more information you can ask them about different terpenes, different cannabinoids, but it's really a experimentation process to try a certain product, see what terpenes and what cannabinoids were in there, and then correlate that to what you experienced and if that was something you liked, it may be that those terpenes in that strain or in that product were the most ideal for you, and that's really a way you can go about selecting the best product that will work the most consistently for you is figuring out which cannabinoids and which terpenes you find the best experience with.

If you're interested in learning more about cannabinoids and terpenes, marijuana, hemp, how those produce - maybe you've heard words like distillate, isolate, full-spectrum. If you want a visual representation, we have a link right below the video that has a really nice layout that explains cannabis, marijuana, hemp, all those different things in one simple page. Go check it out link right below the video.

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