Another big piece to predicting your cannabis experience is your consumption method.

Most people are familiar that smoking cannabis versus eating an edible are a different experience. And that's because when you smoke THC, it's absorbed into the body differently than when you eat an edible. So smoking has a much faster onset and a much shorter duration compared to eating an edible.

There's actually another consumption method called sublingual consumption that's in between smoking and orally consuming an edible. That's kind of how tinctures work, where you put them under your tongue. You don't necessarily swallow them, but you let them dissolve in your mouth, and they actually absorb through the mucus glands. And the onset when you consume sublingually is a little bit longer than smoking but definitely shorter than orally eating an edible, maybe in the 15 to 20 minute range, and the duration of that high will also be a little shorter than consuming the edible orally, but longer than smoking cannabis. And as we make a caramel, you can orally consume the caramel, chew it swallow it, but the caramels also dissolved really nicely under the tongue. So we do have some customers that prefer that method of dosing versus swallowing the caramel, and it really depends on what experience you're looking for.

So if you're looking to sleep through the night and have a longer duration of the experience, you may want to consume it orally as that'll last longer. If you have a shorter window of time, maybe you're cleaning the house for a couple hours and then you have to go meet up with family, consuming the caramels sublingually will have a quicker onset with a shorter duration. And again, it comes back to dose and that consumption method. You really have to figure out by a little bit of experimenting and trial and error, what works best for you.

If you're interested in learning more about how the different cannabis consumption methods impact the effects of THC, we created an infographic that nicely illustrates the different effect onset times and duration of experience typical across each common consumption method. Go check it out, link right below the video.

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