Why is proper THC dosing critical to a good cannabis experience?

I want to focus on THC dose for this video, there are other cannabinoids like CBD and terpenes, but those you can have be a little more variable without any negative side effects.

When it comes to THC, getting the proper dose is everything, especially as a new consumer. THC, as you go up in dose, the effects and experience really start to change. And if you over-consume THC, especially in an edible form, that's where the panic attack, the overwhelming feeling, those negative side effects that people report sometimes when consuming edibles, that's where that comes from. And that can really turn a new consumer off from edibles thinking, "Who would want to have that experience? That's terrible." The truth is, if they did have that experience, they probably had the wrong dose and over consumed more than they should have.

If you haven't consumed cannabis before, you should really start somewhere at five milligrams, maybe as low as two milligrams of THC, for your first dose. And then as you get a little more experience over time, maybe 10 milligrams, 20 milligrams, you might enjoy that experience. Medical patients have been consuming cannabis for a while may take 50 milligrams or even 100 or higher, but they really know as they're consuming edibles, what works for them. When you're new consumer or just starting to experiment, you really have to test the waters and see what works best. But if you're new to cannabis, start really low, go slow, and wait two to four hours and see if you notice any effects.

The other big mistake that new consumers make is trying five milligrams and thinking nothing happened after 30 to 45 minutes and then consuming more. Everyone's metabolism is different. Sometimes it can take a little longer for each person, THC and cannabis effects to fully kick in and hit that experience that you will have, so that's really important to remember - duration and onset.

And once you get your THC dose right, then you can look at CBD, other cannabinoids, or terpenes that go with that really to fill out the experience and get the nuanced high or experience that you're looking for.

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