We use effects-based labeling on all of our cannabis caramels here at Periodic edibles. But what do those effects mean exactly?

So we kind of have a spectrum of different effects and different caramel types that we make. On one end, we have our Active caramel, that's meant to be a little more stimulating and uplifting. On the other end of the spectrum, we have our Relax caramel that's meant to be more calming and sedating. And then between those two, we have our Balance caramel, which is kind of a mix or middle of the road type of effects that you can expect to experience with that caramel type.

But let's go a little deeper on those, What does it mean to have an Active or Relax caramel? Kind of a simple way to think about it is, when we're talking about Active, it really means a head high, and not much of a body high type experience. So when you have just the head high or it's more mental and not the body, you normally feel a little more creative, a little more outgoing, uplifted, it kind of makes you want to go outside and do something, not sit around. And so that's one way to think of the Active caramel, is more of a head high.

Where on the other end of the spectrum, our Relax caramel, which is meant to be more calming and relaxing, that's more of a body high. So that experience makes your body feel more heavy, kind of makes you feel slow, calm, relaxed, it makes you want to hang out inside, watch a movie, not really get off the couch to be honest. It can be really good for sleeping through the night.

And then between those two, our Balance caramel is really a mix of both of those. So it's really a body and a head high, with a little bit lighter on each. And so those effects can be good if you're doing some simple tasks around the house, maybe hanging out with friends, something where you're really not looking for one effect over the other, something in the middle, our Balance cannabis caramel can be a really good product or edible to try.

And kind of a simple way to think about it, to break that experience or that effects-based labeling down - a head high for our Active caramel, a body high for our Relax caramel, and for our Balance caramel, really a head and body high together.

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