Who is Periodic edibles, and what do we do?

We're a small craft business located just outside of Portland, Oregon. We focus all of our time and attention on cannabis caramels. We want to be really great at what we do. That's why we focus on a singular product - just caramels.

Because we only make caramels, it gives us the opportunity to focus on different formulas and recipes for different effects. So all the caramels we make are strain-specific. We use single-strain Canna-butter to infuse our caramels. We look for certain cannabinoids, certain terpenes to put into those formulas. So we can design a caramel, an edible that is more stimulating and uplifting for daytime effects, something in the middle, more balancing effects, something more relaxing and sedating for the nighttime. We also have a CBD version. So we do have multiple caramel formulas that we make, and we make them all around those different effects-based formulas.

But that's not all we do in the industry - we're really focused on providing value inside and outside of the cannabis industry.

We put together a weekly podcast episode focused on cannabis science or telling business owners’ stories in the industry, and also do a lot of education with a real focus on budtenders, as they're at the front line talking to new consumers and patients recommending products.

We want to provide value.
We want to help with education.
We want to remove stigma around the industry and really give new patients or consumers the right education and access to cannabis so they get the results and experience they're looking for.

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